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Inclusive coworking for community change makers. Lab 7 aims to close the digital divide and expose communities to what happens when creativity, tech, and an open mind collide. The Labs are less of a physical construct and more of a living ever evolving family of community members, innovators, artists, philanthropists, teachers, and scholars alike.

The Labs are focused on creating an inclusive ecosystem for all people designed to ensure equitable STEM access, digital literacy, and tech-infused creative expression, while ensuring that all populations have access and the tools to succeed in the 21st Century workforce. We do this by providing a variety of services for the community.

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The Lab is an innovation melting pot for the community. A place where ideas come together from different backgrounds to form new and more enriching possibilities.

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Lab 7 is rooted in community collaboration. We believe by working in synergy, there is nothing we can't do to better serve community.

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The lab is home to lifelong learners and sharers of knowledge. We empower community by educating our community with hands on workshops enabling our endeavors and us as individuals to thrive. 


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