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Lab Tenant 


Every Month

  • Private office space for your organization

  • 24/7 building access

  • 10 hours of conference room time (additional time, $7.50/hr)

  • 10 hours of phone booth time (additional time, $5/hr)

  • 24 hour access for 3 members



   Every Month

  • Reasonably priced co-working

  • Access to all common areas

  • Business hours access (Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm)

  • 5 hours of conference room time (additional time, $7.50/hour)

  • 5 hours of phone booth time (additional time, $5/hour)


-Wi-Fi access

-Administrative support

-Meeting room booking and billing

-Front desk reception from 9am-6pm

-Private phone booth access

-Library access

-Laptop rentals

-Printing + 3D printing


-Maker friendly

-Bring a buddy

-Coffee and snacks

-Cool community!

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